Effective use of search engine optimization

Effective use of search engine optimization

Effective use of Search Engine Optimization

Good search engine optimisation is essential for every successful online business. However, it is often difficult to know which SEO techniques are the most effective at getting your business’s website ranked highly on SERPs for your targeted keywords. Following are some simple SEO tips which will help you to select the best SEO methods to use:

When setting up SEO on your site, avoid duplicating content on various pages within your site. Instead of making your site seem larger and more relevant to search engines, you will be penalised for duplication. Instead, try to have individualised content on each section of your site that is highly relevant to the target keywords.

Below are the tips and some guidance on the effective use of search engine optimization

TIP!  When setting up your site for SEO, keep an eye on keyword density. You want to have your major keywords at about 3 to 7 percent of the total text.

Make sure your site is great. The best SEO in the world can bring people to your page, but it won’t keep them there. Building a quality site will keep your site at the top of the heap. If you can’t say that your site is good enough to be on the first page of results then you have some work to do.

One of the biggest mistakes budding SEO experts make is having titles on their site that are just too long. Keep in mind that most search engines put a 60 character cap on keywords for a title, so the shorter, more informative you can make your title, the better off you will be.

TIP! When using SEO, avoid keyword stuffing, or keyword densities that have been artificially inflated to exceed ten percent of the total text. Search engines will generally view such sites as possible spam, and may even ban your site from their listings altogether.

If you choose to include Flash on your website, only use one Flash animation. Too much of this can take away from the focus of your description and information transfer, and also does not benefit your search engine optimisation. One Flash animation will suffice to create a contemporary aura to your website.

If you want to avoid a three to six month period of your site being in a ranking abyss, do not make a lot of link exchanges or buy a lot of links right away. Take your time marketing your site slowly to the internet and your rank will go up much quicker.

TIP! For SEO purposes, it’s a wise move to use several shorter articles on your site versus a very long article. Pages that are long don’t do as well as the short ones within search engine results.

Give your customers points toward free products. Be generous with the points, so it is easy for them to visualize cashing them in after a few orders. The points could be toward products or information, available only to those redeeming points, so customers feel special because they have access to those products. Another option is to throw in a freebie of some sort, with every order.

If you have recently consolidated pages on your site, you should immediately update your site map to reflect the change. This ensures that the search engines do not determine your site’s relevancy score based on dated information. Failure to do so puts your site in jeopardy of losing valuable traffic.

TIP!Having relevant, keyword oriented page titles is one of the best SEO strategies. By choosing titles that accurately describe your page you are better able to inform human searchers and web crawlers about the content of your site.

Flash navigation might be pretty, but a search engine spider can’t even see it. If you insist on having your navigation, or entire website, built in Flash, make sure you provide alternate HTML navigation somewhere on each page. Also, have HTML pages available so that the search engine can index them and give you a correct Page Rank.

After you’ve run through your website with all the automated tools, it’s time to do some manual inspections as well. Install the browsers that are likely to view your website and check it out in each. View it on a Mac and a PC, a laptop and a mobile phone. Don’t forget a tablet or two! Don’t forget to try different screen resolutions, too. There’s no point in driving traffic to your site if they can’t see it as it’s intended!

TIP!In order to successfully use search engine optimization on your site, you have to commit yourself to the ongoing process. You can’t simply optimise your site once and move on.

Keyword research should NEVER end. New competitors will pop up all the time, so check out what they’re using to drive traffic to their site. New items may be added to your website, so include the new keywords on those pages. A new hashtag might start trending that applies to your site, don’t forget to use those, too!

A great tip to increase you search engine optimisation is to make sure you are posting on a regular basis. You don’t have to post every single day but make sure you are posting around 3-4 times a week. This will keep your blog fresh and keep it active with the search engines.

TIP! Search engine crawlers recognise hidden keywords as unethical ways to boost site rankings. So caution is needed, with SEO optimisation, choose ways that will really boost your ratings instead of lowering them.

SEO is a way to make money on line. This is a great way to get people to see your site and click on it. The search engines will rank the content that is on your site and place your web address in the order it chooses. There are several things that affect this, and search engine optimisation is one of them.

Mastering SEO takes time, but hopefully, this article has provided you with a few handy SEO tips that will help to increase your website’s ranking on search engine results pages. As your website’s rank increases, it should start to receive a lot more targeted, organic traffic; As a result, your business should start to receive more customers.

Digital Marketing for HR Industry

Digital Marketing for HR Industry

Digital Marketing for HR Industry

Oh have you thought of starting up a HR consultancy on your own? But do you know where will you be promoting your services? First and foremost thing is to stand out different from your competitors since you will be new in the field. Try and identify your unique selling point and stick and try to expand the same rather than trying to offer new things at a time. Using digital marketing medium on your own is not easy and cannot be handled single handedly due to its varied features. You will definitely need a digital marketer who can do your job in a professional way.

So who is an HR consultant and what is his job?? Let us first understand that. HR consultants are the people who ensure that the Human capital of an organisation are the people who work in the best interest of the Company. They deal in providing personnels who work with a high level of productivity and efficiency so that companies set goals are achieved in time.

Listed below are some digital marketing for HR industry which you will need in order to expel in your journey from better to best

1. Develop a user friendly website

First step for any person to move to digital marketing for advertising any business is to get a well designed website. The content of your website is very important which includes using the keywords and phrases in order to get a good ranking on the search engine. Post interviews and short videos of the employees and satisfied employers which your consultancy has provided. This helps to build the trust in your Company as the world today is driven by reviews to a considerable extent. Apart from that how to give an interview and how to face the questions are also shown by the consultancies nowadays. Demo of these tutorials should be a part of website in order to make the visitors feel that the consultancy is a ONE IN ALL package and they are ready to cater to all the needs of a fresher or an experienced person. Key highlights of your consultancy should be a part of the front page of the website in order to grab the attention of the visitor quickly

2. Social Media

Presence on social media for any business is inevitable now. Register a social media account and make your presence and uploads regularly. Your posts should be a mix of information regarding your Company and other details; share blogs having knowledgeable details which interests the people seeking for jobs. Keep your posts regular so as to be connected with your viewers. Choose the topics of your posts wisely as freshers and job seekers are always looking for material which is related to new job profiles, interview tips, body language tips during interview etc. Upload small role play videos in order to guide the candidates to deliver their best in their interviews, such videos show your proficiency in dealing with your candidates. This option of digital marketing; if used smartly to advertise your business can do wonders to your Consultancy.

3. Technical Search Engine

Once your website designing work is done. Next step is to engage a digital marketing expert who will help you work on important aspects of digital marketing and internet usage. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a very important tool which helps you rank your website on a higher scale on Google page. It is utmost important that your website is secured; like it should be https and not http. If not then the visitors will feel insecureto visit your website hence security of your website cannot be ignored. The experts will ensure search optimisation for your website and also endeavour to maintain its priority in search.

4. Connect through Emails

Participate in college events and campus interview programs. These are the traditional methods of collecting data and prospective data base. Use this data base later to connect to the candidates via emails and send regular updates regarding upcoming job opportunities and new tie ups with Companies done by you. Your emails along with the information regarding job vacancies should include some other topics related to your consultancy and current and upcoming job vacancies. Such mailers keeps the readers engaged and arouse curiosity to wait for your mailers which are sent regularly once or twice a week. As a general practice an option for unsubscribe should be included.

5. Show what  you are offering

Being a HR consultant you are having a fair amount of clientele who are well known corporates and big reputed Companies. Whenever there are vacancies in these Companies; make sure you include a small video and some pictures of the Company where the candidates will get to work. This  of course can be done with the permission of your customers. Doing this will help the job seekers get a clear view of the work place and culture of the Company. On the other hand it will create a good stature of your consultancy as the visitor feels that you are dealing with reputed companies having good work place and atmosphere. This definitely boosts the enthusiasm of the candidates because “ seeing is believing!”

6. LinkedIn

It is inescapable to have a LinkedIn account since you are into HR Consultancy business. This is a very well known network which brings professionals, businesses and job seekers all on a single platform. Rather it is known as the core platform for any fresher or a person looking for a change in job. It is a gold mine for all HR teams no matter big or small in number hunting for talented candidates. They get choice to differentiate wheat from the chaff to their utmost satisfaction in selecting the candidate. But you need to keep your profile updated so that no wrong message is passed on to any of the prospects. Your profile should be having complete information about your consultancy and the current customers you are dealing with so that a first time visitor gets an overview of your work and proficiency.

7. Mobile app

Mobile apps are available for most of the businesses using digital marketing as a channel to advertise your product. It is a very convenient way to access the details on the phone through a mobile app. You need to ensure that the app is user friendly and has all the details related to job offers etc. In case you are running any offer or dealing in some good vacancies coming in then do flash this as an advertisement both on your website as well as the mobile app home page. This grabs attention of the viewers and you can get good prospects coming in.  Apps are mostly linked to mobile numbers and emails hence any such offers can also be conveyed via sms and emails to get quicker response.

8. Google Adwords to add business

On an average around 2.3 million searches are performed on Google and these searches result into Google Ads. You have to incur a cost to get your ads reflecting as a qualified traffic to your website. Google offers paid advertisements which appear in search results as a result of words mentioned on the Google Bar which are known as Adwords. Company pages and profiles are a source of information and grab attention of the job seekers and your presentation here is your first impression. It has to be complete by all means. A professional in the field will help you get your job done well.

9.Multiple channels

Traditional marketing methods involved distributing pamphlets, newsletters, sending emails etc. Now as you have multiple options you have a chance to connect to the masses in one go just by posting your advertisement on social media channels. When you engage a digital marketer he utilises a blend of multiple channels to connect to your prospects effectively. They analyse which out of the multiple options are working best for you. Hence rather than making your presence on all the platforms of internet it is better to leave a mark and target the audience of a particular channel to reap benefits desired.

 10. Updated website

Since you are dealing with HR consultancy the website needs to be up dated from time to time as the vacancies get filled in and new openings coming in, is a continuous process which keeps changing quite frequently. If this is not taken care of in time then it may happen that you find candidates applying for vacancies which are already filled in and you later have to apologise that its no more available and that wrong information was there on the website. This will result into loss of reputation and further damage to your image. Your website should be as accommodative as possible, candidates should be able to upload their resumes, documents etc on your website itself so that the communication is complete on first visit to your website. Since you are using Google Adwords and other digital marketing tools your landing page should be informative and create a concrete impression in the mind of a visitor

Above mentioned tips are not an exhaustive list of suggestions.  Digital marketing is a vast and continuously developing field , on the other hand due to changes in economy and other developments in the country job opportunities are increasing along with the competition. You as an HR consultant can leave your mark provided  you tie up reputed companies and suggest best candidates suitable to the job profile and the Company’s culture.

Digital Marketing for Retail Industry

Digital Marketing for Retail Industry

Digital Marketing for Retail Industry

What is a retail market?? How is it different from whole sale market??

Retail market is basically sale of goods directly to the consumers without any intermediaries and a WHOLE SALE market is selling goods to the retailers. They procure goods in large quantities from the manufacturers and further distribute them to stores. Eg retail marketing is selling clothing on fashion outlets, selling of groceries on big super markets etc. Let us make it more simplified; a retailer is an intermediary which makes products available for selling using different channels like stores, vendor machines, shopping websites etc.

Development in technology continues to rule the retail markets as now shopping almost everything is possible online. As a retailer you have to be excellent in your digital marketing strategy else you will lag behind in the race for sure. Below are ten ways which help you survive in the competition in the world of digital marketing:

1. Impressive website

Digital market is driven by GOOGLE. People search for anything and everything on the net before taking purchase decision. Your website is the face of your Company and it has to be effective in all aspects no matter whether it is related to speed, user friendly, informative, navigational etc. Since you are dealing with retail marketing your website should be attractive to grab the attention of the visitors on first visit. Discounts, cash backs etc should be advertised in a very eye catching manner so that the customers are forced to surf further for more inquiry and then to final sales. It has to be mobile friendly and user friendly as most of the shopping nowadays is done through mobiles. Links to your social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter has to be there without fail as these are very popular channels and is a part of the daily life of the people now.

2. Mobile application

Another very important medium in the world of social media is having an up to date mobile application which is downloadable on all the versions of smart phones, user friendly, responsive, fast and navigational too. Hot selling products, discount offers should be on the main screen of the app as it is the most important aspect effecting purchase decision of the buyers. People are found shopping more than necessary to avail these offers which helps to boost up sales. The links to install these apps should be available on your social media channels in order to cover up masses as the users of social media is increasing day by day heavily.

3. Multichannel/Omnichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing is using different channels and promotional channels together for the purpose of marketing your product online like social media, mobile, direct mail, posts on all social media etc. No matter this is an excellent digital marketing tool in hand but needs your time to time attention else you may be having presence at all the channels but may not be capable of creating an impact in the mind of the customer. You need to figure out the appropriate communication tool by understanding your customer’s behavior and preferences. This is very useful for both the small and big scale businesses as multi-channel marketing has the capability to reach the masses at one point of time.

4. Motivate the customers to take action

As we have discussed more and more people are using online medium for purchasing almost everything. Your marketing campaign should be such that your buyer feels the urgency of buying. They should feel that they have limited time to buy the stuff they need so they are motivated to make the final purchase decision. As long as the brand you are promoting is giving a clear message, the time bound purchasing only makes the customer feel the stress to buy right now else the opportunity will be lost.  Currently we have festival discounts coming in several times during the year by almost all the well-known online digital marketers. Frequent buyers definitely tend to buy and rather buy more than necessary. Try to grab this time bound opportunities as and when you have

5. Social media advertising 

You must be having a good social media presence; but have you invested in Social media advertising? Because of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc that it becomes  easy for you to advertise your product for the masses to view at a time. Facebook has developed a targeting technology which allows advertisements to reachre specific audience. This feature is called FACEBOOK AD MANAGER. While posting an ad through this option the advertiser provides a set of characteristics that will define his target market. Hence you have option to customize your target audience on the basis of their gender, work, buying pattern etc. This is while surfing on Facebook you will see advertisement of the products related to your interest. By using this option your time is not wasted targeting unnecessary audience and get good leads and sales results from more prospective buyers. This was just an example and such options are available on other social media platforms also.

6. Creative videos

Videos speak better than text and pictures. Retail market is more or less related more with products like consumer durable and of day to day use. Like if a Company involved in Clothing uploads videos of the models wearing their collection is very much followed and liked by viewers. Further if these products are endorsed by famous celebrities will work like an icing on the cake. Likewise Companies dealing in food items uploading videos with celebs using their products while cooking is also very popular. These are just few examples likewise a similar pattern can be followed by other retailers also. Videos should be uploaded on all the social media channels, on your website so that followers of all the channels get a view of them. They have the capability to motivate the prospective buyers to make the final decision to purchase.

7. Customer centric approach

Customers are the essence of any business and digital world is no exception. Rather customer service and experience should be your main focus area in digital marketing as you are not interacting in person with the customer face to face. Implementing Chatbot is an excellent option to solve the concerns and queries promptly. Training the call centre staff to always have a very polite approach in dealing with each and every customer and also to train them to generate more leads. Reviews to be taken from customer and to be uploaded on the website and other channels; as retail online market is driven by reviews to a considerable extent. Irate customers calling the call to be handled with utmost care as dissatisfied customer can tarnish your image. On the other hand negative reviews and comments on social media are also a part of digital maraketing and handling them is equally important since they are read by the masses and the way you deal with them will win the trust of the new as well as existing customers.

8. Never stop researching

Online marketing and the digital work both go hand in hand and every second day new developments take place. To keep pace with the changing developments and likings you need to keep yourself updated. Research is a part of any business. You have to research about your employees before hiring them as they are back bone of your Company, research about the highest selling products and what developments can be done in your marketing strategy and how you can improve your sales. What are your competitors doing?? Have you checked? What is their area of expertise? What are their best selling products?? You should be aware of all these type in order to sustain in the industry. You can engage a digital marketing expert who are well versed with all the digital marketing tools and can help you get your desired goal.

10. Spend wisely

Social media gives lots of platforms to advertise your product but investing time and money on all the platforms equally is not a wise decision. You need to analyse which social media channel is giving you desired results and in which areas are giving low results. Use Google Adwords tool will work best when your products are in demand and target the audience who wants to buy your products or service. Digital marketing gives you all the tools and techniques to figure how what is best and was is not worthy enough for you.


Digital Marketing for Real Estate Industry

Digital Marketing for Real Estate Industry

Digital Marketing for Real Estate Industry

REAL ESTATE…..as the word suggests is REAL—-that is tangible property that is made up of land and anything on it like building mainly categorised as residential, commercial and industrial. Commercial real estate is more valuable and stable and residential real estate is less expensive and more feasible to individuals. It also includes livestock, water and additional mineral deposits Money invested in this leads to capital appreciation and income too at the time of boom.

Real estate is mainly managed by Real Estate Developers whose job is to buy, sell and rent buildings, land, arranging for lands to construct new buildings, rent residential properties. They are the ones who buy land, arrange for finance for real estate deals, also renovation of real estate etc. Hence it is a varied field and definitely requires good expertise to deal with it.

Internet users today search for anything and everything on GOOGLE and buyers for real estate also are looking to finish their leg work on the net before engaging the experts. Buyers mostly look for options online when they are thinking of buying a house. Thus it is inevitable for real estate developers to make their effective presence online to survive in the world of marketing.

Below are the tips  – Digital Marketing for Real Estate Industry

1. Social Media:

First step in the digital marketing world is to have your profiles created on all the popular social media platforms life Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google + etc. It starts with purchasing Facebook Business Ads, Google ads to sharing photo albums of the property which leads to creating a good and impressive brand image and in turn creating prospects for good business boom.

2. User friendly website:

A user friendly and fast website is a must demand for a realtor as the website will be loaded with pics and videos and to develop the same will be a web developer’s nightmare. But if you engage a professional designer and figure out what is the requirement of the current set of customers as per the current trend you can get a good responsive website created. On the other hand, since most of the work is done on mobiles your website needs to be mobile friendly. Your website should contain list of all new things and upcoming projects coming in, content should be capable to guide the customer for final purchase. Added feature of chatbots is a very good option in order to bind the customer for more discussion and take him towards further purchase inquiry.

3. Develop an email campaign:

First thing before starting an email campaign is to gather a good amount of data base. No matter digital marketing has its importance but the traditional methods still hold their importance. Participating in local campaigns, distributing brochures etc is still a very much accepted method of contacting people and getting their details during such campaigns. Later you can use this data in contacting through email. Nevertheless your email should be attractive and having all the relevant information with hyperlinks to your website. People should be forced to open your mail and read the details. However one should be careful that you should not be bombarding the reader with repetitive mails every second day so that the reader soon unsubscribes you out of anger.

4. Create a blog

Blogs are very important medium to get better SEO results. Content of your blogs using Adwords will help you getting higher results on the web pages. Blogs covering different topics related to real estate and current news in the world of Property dealing will not only interest prospective buyers but also other developers who are related to the same field. You can also invite some well-known personalities to write about your Company on your website. Adding videos and photos of your upcoming projects and current sites will help you grab attention and also make your blog look attractive.

5. Hire a photo professional

This point comes at the first rank on the tips section. Real estate relies mainly on the quality of the photos. Hence you need to be prepared to invest a pretty good amount on a professional photographer. Photos and videos of poor quality will create a bad impression about your company and its standards in the mind of the inquirer and as we say first impression is a last impression hence you cannot afford to do so. These professionals in the field are well versed in the skills and know their job well of where to highlight what to grab attention of the visitor. On the other hand; good photos covering all the areas of a site or a flat will help a buyer to make his decision to further inquiry as now hardly have time to visit all the sites personally. Viewing photos and visual tours will help them to make further decision if they find the place as per their requirement. Further you can also upload these pics and videos on social media, websites, on google pay ads etc.

6. Google my business page

Setting up a Google My Business account page makes it easy for users to find you in Google search, Google maps  and Google +. Currently this is a very popular option to advertise your Company and its products. Products and companies appearing on Google + are considered to be more reputable and hence you can win the trust of the viewer’s easily. You need to make sure that when you reflect as a search result further details of your website, address etc are reflecting on the business page. It also gives you the option to find insights on how customers searched for your business and from where these customers are inquiring from. You can also track as to how many people called you viewing your business page and what is the success ratio on the search engine. This is an excellent tool to find out the success ratio of your website and business page.

7. Monitor your SEO

You have done the base work to engage into digital marketing but you cannot relax by just implementing the techniques. SEO has many benefits but without monitoring you cannot get the desired results. SEO is a critical technique to drive leads to your website and when this is done correctly it will drive leads to your website. Google and other search engines are always into continuous upgradation and changing their algorithms. Hence you need to be checking your status on a regular basis and see to it that the social media pages, back links, meta titles and online descriptions are a part of your SEO implementation. Further blogs posted should  have a high value and long form content and have to updated on time to time basis with the changing trend.

8. Some social media rules

Make sure you have accounts on all popular networks Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google. Your contact details should be available on the platforms. There are chances that the people who visit you may want the pics they have liked to share with their friends and family, hence there should be option for social sharing. What are your competitors doing and how do their websites look like ? How do their websites look like should be checked at regular intervals. A good digital business card is also one of the basic requirements.

9. Host a webinar and virtual tour

Webinar and online workshops is an excellent digital marketing technique to share your expertise in the field. These can also be arranged in colleges for students who are pursuing civil engineering. This tool has the capability to reach the masses  and very useful in communicating the concerns of  both the sides of operations. A virtual tour should be a part of your webinar so that the viewers can know what your Company is and its work is all about. A virtual tour is capable to make the viewer feel like being at the place physically and has the capability to effect their buying decision. These methods are interactive in its kind and an excellent method to convert a prospective lead to final sale.

10. Testimonials and reviews from old customer

People using internet tend to check reviews before ordering or inquiring anything. This can prove to be of an advantage in real estate sector also. Collecting testimonial from old satisfied customers, videos fro with a tour to their home and capturing their experience will do wonders. Good reviews definitely leads to good business. These testimonials and videos should be shared on all social media platforms and on the website too. You can also circulate them to your customer base via emails, flyers in newspapers etc. Some reviews can be negative also and how you have dealt with them to the final satisfaction of the customer can also be posted. Such review helps to build the trust of the reviewer and better leads and better business.

To summarise real estate industry holds a very important place which is related to dreams of the people to live in their dream house and flourish in life. Sentiments of people are attached to their buying decision. Hence it is the marketing skills which will reap you good fruits by catering to the emotional part of the buyers

Digital marketing for Pharmaceutical Companies

Digital marketing for Pharmaceutical Companies

Digital Marketing for Pharmaceutical Companies

Digital market is capturing the traditional market in every business; and pharmaceutical industry is the next frontier. This industry has always been stunted with regulatory restrictions as it is dealing directly consumers life and health. Companies in this business hardly get to interact with the end users of the product as the patients who entirely depend on the health care provider’s medical knowledge and advice.

But now this is not the case since digital marketing has entered into each and every business in the world. Patients with the increased usage of smart phones are becoming more and more digital savvy. Soon the line between the Pharma companies and the patients will be quite blurred. Companies which are charting out futuristic growth are undoubtedly targeting the entry of digital marketing in their marketing growth.

Listed below are some points to be considered while switching to digital marketing for Pharmaceutical Companies

1.Content Marketing

What is content marketing? It is one of the tools of digital marketing which involves creating and sharing videos, blogs as posts on social media platforms. It is not intended to promote a particular brand or product but to stimulate interest in similar products and interests. Social media is an essential part of digital marketing wherein content related to your product and business are shared as posts on various social medial options. Likewise Pharma companies can share information regarding their medicines which are capable of curing certain diseases. Engage a well known expert in the field of medicine who can write blogs on your behalf mentioning details about your medicines. The content which they write will be read and trusted by the readers as they are renowned personalities in the field.


Further to content writing the next thing which you can take in your list is blog writing. Post blogs related to health issues and remedies regularly on your website. The bloggers you choose should be known people in the field or who have some position in the medical field. More and more people are getting health conscious due to increasing health issues across the globe. Hence such blogs will definitely gain attention of your visitors. Along with the posts you can advertise your product which is in conformance with the topic of your blog. This will help people to relate to your product more easily. Short videos of satisfied customers and celebrities who have proved to be satisfied users will help you gain more recognition as a seller of good products

3. Website a must

First and the foremost thing is a well-designed and user friendly website. This will be more visited by consulting doctors, physicians etc. So you need to ensure that the details on the website are correct and updated regularly. Contact details and upcoming and high selling products should be flashed on your website front page in order to grab quick attention. Videos showing the usage and side effects of the medicines should also be included as it becomes easier for anyone to understand whether to consume the drug or not. Most important thing is the list of chemists city wise to be included so that the people looking for them can easily purchase the medicines.

4. Partner up

There are small companies coming in who are having their own personalised mobile apps where you can order medicines of almost all well known pharmacies. They also provide you additional discounts if your order crosses certain amount. It is a very convenient way to order as the medicines are delivered at your door step even without delivery charges at times. This option of digital marketing is getting very popular among the aged people who are not able to visit the stores personally due to health issues. Partnering up also means combined marketing and publicity. Both of you can advertise your company on your respective social media channels and websites which will enable you to get more and more recognition and in turn sales.

5. Search Engine Optimisation

SEO can be considered the most important tool of digital marketing. With our content in place we need to focus to perform better day by day on the SEO front. A digital marketing expert is the best person to guide you  in this and would rather say do the job well. Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand and one cannot survive without the other. Good work done in creating good content will be paid off on the SEO front. SEO is the process of getting more and more traffic to your website with the help of organic search engine results. A digital marketer knows how to use this feature to the optimum to rank your website higher on the Google Page. Doctors, health experts, patients when search for certain words which are a part of your content which makes your website more noticeable on the Google page.

6. Online reputation

Google rules the internet across the world. 8 out of 10 people tend to search for information before buying or booking any kind of service on the internet. Once the search is done next are the reviews of the product they look for. Reviews definitely affect the purchase decision of any consumer and pharmaceutical companies are very much prone to negative publicity as they are dealing with a very delicate and crucial part of human life which is health and well being. So what you are online is who you will be in the minds of most of the people. Hence just concentration on branded keywords is not enough you should be looking for negative keywords as well in order to see that your online reputation is not harmed. Once these negative keywords are identified create a positive content in order to overcome it in order to avoid further damage to the brand image.


Chatbots are a very famous option of digital marketing. It is a piece of software that conducts a conversation with a visitor with the help of textual methods. Chatbots are a part of your website in order to guide the visitor for any query or concern. It is a popular technology innovation which is sounding to be more and more human due to increased usage and development in the field. They communicate directly with consumers, doctors or medical representatives to guide them about your product and how to use them. Chatbots can be used as virtual nurses who help the patients to maintain their prescriptions, book appointments with the doctor and even use as sending alerts when they need to take medication. It is a very useful tool as it resolves any concern immediately and the visitors are happy as their concerns are answered right away

8.Social media bee

Social media is ruling the digital marketing world and you cannot escape from it either if you intend to be a successful business company. More and more usage of smart phones is resulting in more and more internet addiction. No business can survive in today’s world without its presence on the internet. Since you have your website in place you need to start a social media account and channel on Facebook and YouTube in order to make your presence feel and gain attention. Regular posts / blogs on health and product related information should be uploaded on these platforms. Earlier such articles didn’t used to gain attention but since the health related issues are increasing people find these posts interesting and do like and share them further. But the most important part is that you need to abide by the rules and regulations imposed on the Pharmaceutical industry as any breach will lead to serious implications harming your branch image. So make sure you don’t invite any unwanted trouble!

9. Be Multilingual

To understand medicinal language and composition is not every ones cup of tea. So the language you use should be easy and simple and able to convey the actual information effectively and easily. Next thing which you need to imply is to post your content in multiple languages as most of information comes in English language only which everybody is not able to relate to or understand easily. So in order to make your work more effective use different languages in your posts. However to use multilingual strategy to its full potential; it is not just enough to just translate the content in various languages. You need to develop a process of messaging specifically to various markets keeping in mind their desires, challenges and life style in mind. This use of posts in multi-language can be region specific in order to make easier to implement and cover masses belonging to the same region.

We hope that the above mentioned industry specific tips will be helpful to make your digital presence felt.  Implementing digital marketing in Pharma industry has the potential to change the face of the industry. A strong digital marketing strategy will help you survive and stand out in the cut throat competition. You just need to be ready to accept the change and plan a mix of traditional and digital marketing action plan for your Company.

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