Digital Marketing for Insurance Companies

Digital Marketing for Insurance Companies

Digital Marketing for Insurance Companies

Insurance industry holds a very important place in the world of uncertainty today. Let us first understand the definition of the word “INSURANCE”

Insurance Companies are the ones who offer risk coverage against various types of uncertainties in the form of a contract between the insurer and the insured. The insurer undertakes to make good the loss of the insured against a small amount of money which the insured pays to the insurer which is termed as PREMIUM on regular basis. The amount paid by the insurer is guaranteed in case all the terms and conditions agreed upon at the time of signing the insurance contract is are fulfilled.  

As an industry it is at a growing state as still many businessmen, individuals etc are not aware about the benefits of and the concept of insurance.  Out of the lot the customer who know about insurance   are aware about the benefits of insurance and they have all the information on their fingertips. Before making any decision they do lot of research, read reviews, visit websites etc. Hence it is inevitable for the insurance companies to adapt this changing funnel and remain in touch with the customers at every stage of the customer’s journey of insurance right from the purchase of the policy to claim settlements in case it arises.

Below listed are some tips to increase your business with the help of

Digital Marketing for Insurance Companies

  1. Brand build up

Branding should be designed in a way that it is cohesive on all platforms; both offline and online platforms. It is very crucial to have a uniform and strong brand image on all areas of marketing. Your sales are directly related to your marketing as it creates first impression of your company in the mind of your prospective customers. You need to ensure that your offline and online marketing look is the same. The look should be such that it leaves a good impact in the mind of the researchers. Branding should be attractive to grab the attention of the customers. Key features of your products should be highlighted on both the offline and online marketing platforms.

  1. Performance driven website

Website of any company of any industry is the face of the business. It is the one which leaves an impression on the mind of the visitors. Most of the research work today is done online and websites are the most common tool. You need to ask yourself!!  You should ensure that your website is designed in such a way that all the required information is easily available to the first time visitor on his visit to the website.  In case of scope of modification, corrections do the same asap. Apart from the website being attractive it should also be easy to navigate and user friendly. Pages should be focused on driving attention and later to inquiries and purchases. Login details can be a part of inquiry which will give u dual benefit; one u can get contact details by keeping one of the mandatory field and further leading it to type of product the customer wants to purchase. Chatbots should definitely be a part of your website; so that some concerns or questions of the customers can be promptly attended. SEO techniques should never be to give better priority to your website

  1. Effective content marketing

Choosing an insurance provider is not an easy; due to varied insurance products and features. Customers do lot of research work before purchasing. The General insurance policies are required to be renewed periodically hence the customers might opt to change the service provider every year due to better features, cheaper premiums, better services etc. Effective content marketing will help you reach wider audience. Effective SEO techniques along with good content will help you to increase organic traffic to your website and help your content rank higher on GOOGLE. Content marketing can be in the form of regular blogs, posts, newsletters which are effective and useful. New developments, updates coming up should be a part of your posts in order to keep your prospective buyers and customers well informed. This will help you to be in mind of your customers whenever they are seeking for a good insurance provider.

  1. Engage people on social media

Social media is considered to be the most popular medium for marketing. Interesting videos conveying message regarding importance of insurance uploaded on the platform will help you grab attention of the users. Videos always convey better than written communication as it is easier to understand the message behind the video and what it wants to convey. Regular posts with current updates on insurance and company’s development should be a part of your marketing plans. You can also include small surveys / quiz in this; in order to create engagement with the viewers. It helps to attract interest of the viewers and invite inquiries.

  1. Advertisement to acquire leads

Paid advertisements are very effective in digital marketing. You have many platforms to advertise your Company and products on social media like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Ads when coupled with high performing landing pages will keep the customer interested to research more.  These advertisements are designed by experts in the field; to touch the emotion of the viewers which gives recognition to your Company. You can use a particular concept in your advertisements and target a particular age group for life insurance policies and a particular area for general insurance policies. This helps to touch hearts of masses of all groups. These advertisements should be a part of your website also in order to grab the attention of the viewer immediately on visit. The content here again should be displaying the key feature of your Company and its products in an effective manner.

  1. Lead generation through digital media

Digital media gives you so many options to generate lead and different platforms to get in touch with the customers. Your website on the customer’s first visit asks for his contact details wherein the email id will be a part and the contact point for you to get in touch with the lead. Some even have options to feed in contact numbers which help you to get in touch with the customer personally. These options are to be used diligently and smartly as the prospective customer should not feel like a nuisance due to repeated emails or calls. Your first time approach here plays a very crucial role as it will be the one which will create a good or a bad impression about your company or product. Good marketing skills here will be needed and you need to be very careful while choosing your marketing person who will be assigned the task of first time contact with a prospective customer

  1. Chatbots

Large insurance companies are found using Chatbots on their websites to handle large volumes of customer queries every single day. These are found to be helpful both to the customer as well as the agents who are giving quotations to their customers. Chatbots help you answer general queries promptly and you do not have to wait to speak to customer service any more. This is also a cost effective tool since they are data driven and can handle good amount of concerns raised. On the other hand your call centre will get lesser amounts of calls of queries which a Chatbot can handle. Manpower can be utilised for other inquiries which a Chatbot cannot handle. Care definitely needs to be taken what chatbots are handling as there should not be any miscommunication in handling the customers. Any mishap will lead to serious customer service issues, so this area needs to be utilised with utmost care.

  1. Invest in SEO: One who finds you will only contact you

So in order to interact with you; people should be able to find you. Most of the online inquiries begin with search engines. You need to somehow get to the top of the list in the search results. People are found having a tendency to continue their search on the first page of the Google and not moving further to other pages. In order to get a higher ranking then you need to invest in SEO. There are the professionals who help you get desired results. Your website needs to be secured, mobile friendly, having appropriate speed, quality backlinks, optimised images and having good quality content to get good traffic. All this is managed well by SEO experts and trust me your money will be paid off once you see the results.

  1. Pay per click advertising

You have understood the need of SEO and its results. However you need to understand that all search queries do not give high commercial intent and some will be on the lower side. Most of the high intent searches will be covered up by ads and since mobile traffic has outpaced desktop traffic more and more people are clicking on paid ads. If you choose this option you need to make sure you engage with a good Google partner who actually knows what they are doing and what do you expect from them otherwise you will end up wasting your money. Your advertisement again should be effective and showing all the key feature of your company and its product features. It should also show clearly how your company is different from your competitors. Customers mostly are looking for cost saving options in purchasing any type of insurance and getting good value for money and the same should be the focus area of your advertisement in order to grab attention of the masses and invite more and more inquiries

  1. Blog

The most popular medium helps you generate traffic to your website. Regular blogs on different topics related to insurance will help you build trust with the customers and also know about your Company. Connect can be built with the help of initial inquiries and concerns raised to be answered promptly will lead to trust building. Content of the blog again should be precise, effective and not too lengthy in order to bind the customer.

To summarise, insurance being a vast field needs continuous up gradation and branding as competition in this industry is increasing day by day as lots of companies are coming up with more and better products. Here the theory of survival of the fittest will work well and efforts to create a life time relationship with the customers for all his insurance needs will be taken care of.

Digital Marketing for Aerospace Industry

Digital Marketing for Aerospace Industry

Digital Marketing for Aerospace Industry

Global statistics reveal that digital marketing will be reaching another $100 billion in growth in a couple of years. Aerospace industry is engaged in research, development and manufacture of flight vehicles including unpowered gliders and sailplanes, lighter than air craft, air balloons . These products either purchased or leased are not affordable to every person. Hence selling and leasing such products requires excellent marketing tools.  Are you the one still using your old ways for marketing your aviation company? If yes then it’s time to change your marketing techniques immediately. You have to stay with the current market trends otherwise you will be lagged behind in the race.

  1. Having mobile presence:

Having a mobile presence is inevitable for any industry now. Mobile friendly websites is a must as people tend to surf more on mobile phones rather then any other electronic device. People do bookings mostly via mobile phones now hence to have a good mobile app or a mobile friendly website is a must. It should be designed in a way that the user is able to surf easily on the mobile and also do the bookings very conveniently. You can also get a mobile aap designed which is the most  popular in digital marketing. The app should be designed in a way that it is capable to be installed in all versions of smart phones.

  1. Mobile search optimisation:

Once you are done with the designing of the website and making it user and mobile friendly next thing is to establish accelerated mobile pages. If you are not sure of the same then Google provides a free mobile friendliness tool to test your site’s mobile pages. It should be a personalized experience and the user will search with the help of keywords which will be related to the questions he is having in his mind. Once you are through with the search then you should be able to make out the questions and concern the visitor is having and answering them in the best possible manner. This will lead to more traffic on your website.

  1. Optimise your SEO:

Search Engine Optimisation or as it well known as SEO is a very important element that helps your website to rank higher on relevant searches on GOOGLE,BING etc. The more research the audience does it is more likely that the visitors will be searching to buying, leasing or chartering a jet plane. Your goal should be as to when the visitor searches on the website the content he is looking for will appear on the page with all the relevant information. Website architecture, links to your website, website domain security, content structure are some of the points to be considered at the time of website designing as these are the basis of your SEO results.

  1. Leading pages on the website

Getting visitors on the website is just a beginning. You need to have content such that you keep them engaged so that learn more. This tends to happen when the visitor lands on the first page of the website on his initial search. This page will be leading the visitor to other pages which are deeper into the sales funnel. Thus these pages not only needs to be attractive but also actionable in the sense that the visitor is forced to surf further for more details. A contact form fetching details of the customer can also be a part of this landing page where you get the customer details for future reference. Rates and offers in comparison to other competitors should also be a part of your website.

  1. Optimise your Email Marketing

Once applying your above mentioned landing technique you get to gather a list of email ids. But if this email list is not utilised properly then all the efforts done to collect them will be in vain. The aviation industry is a home to some of the longest sales funnel in the entire economy. To make this happen you need to pay attention to how to optimise your email marketing. If you don’t be at the top of their mind soon you will be out of consideration. You need to first of all BUILD AN EMAIL PLAN as what will be content of the email to interest and satisfy the reader, Segment your email list based on the characteristic such as income, geographic location etc of the customers.. PLAN OUT THE SCHEDULE…..as to when the emails are sent and maintain its regularity and lastly, treat every response email strategically and on priority.

  1. Optimising your jet marketing efforts

Marketing for any high value product is not easy rather it’s all the more challenging. Sale of luxury jet markets is growing faster than before but it is not utilizing the SEO and other social media to the optimum. With a proper comprehensive plan of action combining all the above tips you can increase your sales and presence in the digital market.

  1. Visual content marketing

Buying a private jet and other aerospace services is not every ones cup of tea. It is more of an emotional purchase, a status symbol and opportunity to show off your luxury. You need to encash this feeling to increase your sales. Hence videos, photos which show this emotional connect rather than only simple text. The content should make sense and deliver your core value in a way that your audience appreciates your work. These videos should be shared on all social media platforms regularly and feedback whatsoever received should be collected and answered promptly.

YouTube channel showing tutorial videos of how to use these different aircraft and customer’s videos having fun filled experience will leave a very good impact on the mind of the viewers. Safety measures taken at the time of emergency also should be a part of these videos to create a sense of responsibility in the mind of the audience. Number of subscriptions and likes you get on these videos will help you identify how popular is your channel and services. Also the comments mentioned below the videos should not be neglected. Feedback positive and negative both should be answered without fail.

  1. Identify your audience

Since you are dealing in luxury good you need to identify from where you can target your audience. Which geographic area can you target and what is the basic reason of theirs to buy an aircraft. What are the emotional and rational reasons for the audience to lease your aircraft and last but not the least what does your audience desire and interest beyond this industry. By studying your customer well you will be able to plan your marketing plan accordingly and get good results as knowing your customer is the best marketing plan.

  1. Automated Chat bots

Chatbots are more relevant and in use now in almost all the areas of digital marketing. They are available 24/7 and are feeded with auto answers to their visitors concerns. Best thing about this is they pop up immediately when one visits the website and guide the customer further. They also help in lead generation and once further inquiries are done these Chatbots work as data base to deal with the customer.

  1. Personalised Marketing

Giving a personalized touch in your services works wonders. Once your customer inquiries about your product or service you should never miss to remain in touch with the customer. Calling and explaining the customer, sending mailers with services provided so far, sharing videos of satisfied customers, showing visual demos to the customer etc. These efforts will leave an impact on the customers mind and will make him feel important. It will also help to win customers loyalty. You can also offer a free ride to the customer for an experience

Now you may also think why do we need these marketing tactics?

The world today is a world of digital revolution and for an aerospace industry selling such expensive product cannot survive without digital marketing. Competition is increasing day by day and every day new developments are coming in the field of digital marketing. To sustain yourself here you need to keep yourself updated and keep updating your marketing plans as and when need be as per the changing trends. Some budget needs to be kept aside for marketing and a specialised team to be engaged to look after and monitor its success. It is to be well understood that no matter how good your product and services are you cannot survive without marketing your product. The trend is to show off your unique selling points and bring awareness about it in the mind of your customers.

Digital Marketing for Colleges

Digital Marketing for Colleges

Digital Marketing for Colleges

“Education” a very important industry developing at a very fast growing pace. Schools and colleges providing education are the foundation and are the most important trainers for the youngsters who are the future of the nation. Education empowers everyone and helps you to survive in this competitive life.

Industries dealing in schools and colleges have a big responsibility on their shoulders as they are the ones who will be nurturing our future generation. Education industry on the other hand is facing some problems in the continuous changing education system and choices of the young generation.

Many schools and colleges are found using old traditional methods of newspapers and advertisement. The world today is of digital media and this industry too needs to make changes in their strategy for marketing their colleges. Each student today is using a smart phone, laptops or tablets. Most of their studies and researches are now done through this digital platform. So to attract enrolments one has to rely on the digital media to get good inquiries and to survive in this industry

Below listed are some tips which needs to be applied by the colleges to attract more and more visits on the college website:

  1. Emails

First and the fore most; important medium today. No one likes to read flyers, advertisements in the newspapers now. Mails mostly for the young generation is the best source to get in touch with them. Here the drafting of the mails holds a lot of importance; the content should be clear and concise. Too lengthy mails will not help to grab the attention of the readers. Mail should contain all the relevant information and should be presented in a way that all the required information is available in minimum words possible. Attractive formation of the mail will be able to attract the eye balls more easily. Besides emails, newsletters are low cost tools to reach masses at one time. You can apply a basic approach and send a weekly or monthly emails to both existing and new set of customers.

  1. Impressive website experience

“Your Company’s Website” another very important medium to attract inquiries and enrolments. When the parents visit the website it should be responsive. Surfing on the website should be easy and fast. Slow website will make the visitor lose interest and move on to other options. Pages on your website should load fast and there should be enough navigation links so that the visitor can complete his research work in one GO. Websites should be easily accessible on mobile phones as they are most used electronic device for surfing other than desktops or laptops. Your website should not be running sounds or spinning images as it will make the user lose patience; to surf soon. The website is the face of your college and if your website lacks to provide all the information; the parent or the student visiting your website will soon form an impression about your college too and not move further in his/her inquiry.

  1. Improve search engine visibility

Parents /students start their research work much earlier than they actually want to enrol their children or themselves. Here your presence in the search engine plays a very important role. Keywords should be a part of your content in order to get higher rankings on the search results. For e.g. most of the searches found on Google are with the keyword “Best college in ……….area” How does your college rank in when these types of search is done. You need to identify such keywords and use them in your content. This involves some research to be done on the key words so that your website also gets good ranking on the SEO.

  1. Engage yourself with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very well know social media tool for marketing and advertising your work. It is a kind of a vehicle for professionals to network online. First step is to create a LinkedIn Group and encourage ex-students to join the group. Feedback and presence of ex –students will help you to attract fresh students to the group for inquiries. But to stand out in the group. Each and every business group are advertising through LinkedIn, hence it is a very popular medium to advertise your college as well. However one needs to see to it that the post contains all the required information such as contact details, contact person, email id, website address of the company etc.

  1. Impressive Facebook page

Facebook” is another well-known social media platform. Nevertheless your page should be attractive and with all information for a new student or a parent. Upload videos of events, post of events conducted etc regularly in order to get an overview of the college. Links to your website, course information, contact details, teaching methods etc…all this should be a part of the page. The user at one glance should be able to capture all the information and move further. Navigation to your website for further details also should be easy so that the visitor can complete his research work on first visit with few a clicks.

  1. Online videos

 Online videos are a very powerful way of communication and promotional tool. It is a very economical medium in comparison to traditional methods of advertising. It has the potential to reach the masses without on ongoing cost. Also you have the option to monitor how successful are you video uploads as the number of views can be monitored easily. Further it also has a comment section available for raising immediate concerns and inquiries which can be replied on the same platform. On the basis of this the success of your video can be known, comments mentioned will also help you make changes if needed before the next upload.

  1. Google Adwords

Little expensive medium but very useful. Google Adwords is Google’s advertising program, this program helps you reach audiences on surfing on Google. Here the advertisers bid on certain keywords which appear as search results on Google search. You have to pay to Google on the number of clicks done by visitors on their search and your advertisement will be displayed as a search result. Google Adwords works faster than SEO. Here you have an option to use multiple keywords and you can on and off your ad campaign whenever you want to. On the other hand search engine optimisation though very beneficial becomes a lengthy process as it requires lot of well written articles and backlinks whereas Adwords gives instant visibility depending upon the effort you put on the quality of your content.

  1. Offline and online activity go hand in hand

While doing your marketing collateral you need to keep in mind to collaborate both the online and offline options together. Suppose when you advertise in local newspaper then you need to mention your website address, link of Facebook page and other necessary details to contact you further. Hence all your outdoor signage should have your website address and all other communication going to parents either by newspapers on physicals mails should contain your online details. In case you are offering an online subscription then the link to subscribe should be available on the newsletter. This will lead to increased inquiries and awareness amongst the students and the parents and it will be easier for you to get the attention from masses using online and offline platform both.

  1. Blogging

Posting blogs is a perfect and a very popular tool of marketing. Informative blogs regarding different types of courses and enrolments, activities etc done in your college should be a part of your blogs. It helps to create connect with the readers, parents and also existing students. Here the content of the blog is very important, you need to ensure that the blog provide some valuable inputs to the readers, for e.g. like the Principal can post inputs regarding educational topics, teachers can provide inputs regarding teaching patterns and different types of courses, you can even invite guest posts from ex-students to do some more value addition.

  1. Content aspect

It is a well-known fact that there are variety of means of digital marketing, which one is working best for you is the task of your marketing team. Success of any digital marketing channel depends on the quality of content put in and on the other hand to keep monitoring the same on regular basis to find out which strategy works best for you. If you want to be at the top of the mind of your potential applicants then you need to ensure that all your channels are updated regularly and are updated with the current trend. Posts should be regular on and the concerns and questions raised should be answered promptly, regularly with correct information. The better the connect with your applicants the better will be the results.

To sum up friends !!!  I have shared my points to be taken care of by you and hope they help you in framing your marketing plans. Nevertheless it is not always possible to apply all of them together neither the success of all the channels working together with the same results is possible. However close monitoring and continuous improvement will be required from time to time to get best results.

Marketing for Child Care Services

Marketing for Child Care Services

Marketing for Child Care Services

Day by day the services and facilities that the child care centers provide are increasing. Earlier it was limited to a pre school type of module where the children used to stay for around 2 to 3 hours but not this has become wide service area. Day care centers are increasing in numbers and they too face competition in the same nearby area of locality. It is because now both the parents are working and they need good centers to look after their kid with best facilities and minimum rates. These days parents are not only looking for more convenience of the nearest service center and the one which provide best pick up and drop facilities.

Early education did not hold much importance in the past but now due to developments in the education areas and the IQ level of the kids early education is no more a neglected area. Now early education is an investment as it lays the foundation of the kids early learning years.

There was time when word of mouth was considered to me enough for a child care center to become popular and gain clients Earlier it was enough for a day care center to get flyers, business cards  printed and circulated around area of the center location. But now due to increased number of centers coming in you need to do something to stand apart of the lot. Hence here digital marketing comes to your help. Below listed are some of the tips to sustain in the competition.

  1. Attractive name and board

Name of your child care service centre should be catchy and the board related to your activities and kids. The flyers, posts, messages circulated should contain all the details of your centre including your contact details, timings and fees structure (if possible). The posts for new admissions  can also contain the pictures and uploads of the previous activities done in the school so that the new audience comes to know about its details and get interested.

  1. Post the cutest things

Personalised touch holds importance here also. The centre is meant for kids and what kids speak during the day holds a lot of importance for the parents who are missing their child. Hence taking small videos of the kids during the day and posting and tagging the parents to those video uploads will make the parents feel emotional and also make them feel that such minute things too are taken care of by the centre. It also shows that you are attentively listening to the child which will attract other prospective customers. Also the kids learning new things in terms of education too should be a part of uploads in order to show to the audience that the kids are learning in must fun filled way and are happy.

  1. Pin photos of the job work

All parents are always keen to know that their kid is doing. They will definitely like to see the kids work which is other than just coloring pictures. Doing some fun activities, playing with clay, reciting rhymes, trying to scribble and write at a later stage etc, this will definitely grab attention of every parent and rather they would wait for the next picture or video from the centre to get uploaded to check if there is anything related to his child in it. Later likes and shares of these uploads will help the centre to gain popularity and other parents will definitely like to inquire about your centre and  services.

  1. Keep the conversation on Facebook ongoing 

Make facebook your touch point for all your activities done in the center. All announcements of special activities and later their photos should be uploaded on the Facebook and appreciating the good work done by the kids. Comments coming in from parents should never be left un answered. They should feel that the day care is a happening place and their kid is enjoying and learning new things every day.

  1. Start a blog

Blogging gives connectivity. No doubt the blog should contain the activity details done in the centre so far but also tips for the parents to how to help the child to learn with fun. You can employ a child expert to provide his tips in the blog as to how to deal with the child in different situations and how to tackle him in the best possible manner. This is a burning issue right now with every parent and if this forms a part of your blog parents will definitely be interested to read and on the other hand also feel that the people running the centre are learned people in child psychology and are careful about every aspect of the child’s upbringing. Blogs should cover different topics related to children and their growing stages with tips to handle them as when they are out of control or notorious.

  1. Video uploads

Uploading videos of conversation with the parents during Parent Teacher Meetings, how their concerns are answered to and what are their feedbacks including some negative ones if any coming up. This will leave an impact on the mind of other parents and will create a good impression of the center in the mind of other parents. Engaging parents once in a month for some activities with kids will also give a very positive effect in the minds of the kids as well as the parents and other audience. All the above activities should form a part of regular uploads on all the social media platforms.

  1. Invest in SEO

Search Engine Optimisation refers to how high is your website searchable on the search engine. You need to invest in a good website development having good content in order to get high rankings. Today if one wants to about anything related to any field the first thing which a person does is searches on GOOGLE. To survive in this competition you need to invest in designing in a good website including all the good work and other related things in it and which has content which gives you high rankings.

  1. Place Ads

Advertisement speak out the best. A good advertisement having all the details will help you get a good traffic both on your website and also on the inquiries front. Posting the advertisement for enrolment is much needed and especially when you are offering some discounts or additional facility during a period. Need less to say that your posts should be having the LIKE and SHARE option available for more circulation. These ads can also be published in other communities and bulletins.

  1. Create a slide show

 A good slide show with good HD pictures helps a lot to gain attention. The slide show should contain pictures of your centre covering picture of local hygiene taken care of and areas of the centre. It can also consist of the picture of the staff who will be responsible for taking care of the kids should also be included. A picture of number of children enrolled so far in a group photo will create a feel that the centre is a well-known one and people are preferring it. This slide show needs to be posted on the social media as well as in the form of a video on the YouTube.

  1. Offer a Guarantee

You can use punch liners like “ Our 100% Happy Kid Guarantee” and if your and your child are not happy with us we assure to refund your full money after your first month. We shall refund every penny you have paid: OUR GUARANTEE. However this may seem to be a bit risky and can be utilised by well established centers only. Once these are used then it has to be a part of all your marketing campaigns and advertisements.

Thus to summarise like any business, this too is a continuous process of up-gradation, commitment and hard work. You as any owner need to take care of all the aspects in order to sustain in this field of competition. And since you are dealing with kids you have to be more careful and perfect in all your areas of operation. You need to take care that the staff and working of the center is in place every day and a small negligence might lead to serious implications.

Innovation too will be required frequently in this field and you need to offer something unique every year to the kids and the parents too in order to bind them for years to come. All the above tips will need close watch and changes will be needed form time to time as per the changing trends in the industry. The more facilities and flexibilities you provide years by year there are chances for you to become more and more popular.

We are the Site Analyticz help you cater all your needs of digital marketing. We are specialised in these services covering your concerns in one GO!!!

Hope to hear from you soon !!!

Digital Marketing For Beauty Industry

Digital Marketing For Beauty Industry

Digital Marketing For Beauty Industry

eauty industry is growing at a fast pace is reported to have reached at $532 billion and is on a rapid upward trend. Cosmetics and personal care products will continue to get more and more benefits from social media due its increased use. Vloggers uploading beauty related videos on YouTube and Facebook and other platforms are getting more and more likes and shares. People are becoming more and more fashion and beauty conscious and today everybody wants to look picture perfect in all their photos uploaded on various social media platforms.

Thus to survive and sustain in this cut throat competition beauty industry needs to change keep and a watch on its marketing strategies to follow the trend going on .

Here are 10 digital marketing tips which you can use to keep pace in the competition

  1. Unique Logo

Your Company’s logo is like the face of your Company. As we see Google, coca cola, Maybelline, Nike, Adidas etc all have a unique logo and the brand itself is recognised by the logo rather than the name of the Company. This clearly establishes the importance of logo in any business promotion. A good attractive logo will be representing the brand as it will be shown on all your advertisements and will leave a memory in the minds of the customers. So create a memorable cosmetic business logo that is worthy of representing your company in a competitive market.

  1. Using Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, You Tube etc are the new market places which are in trend. They are virtual markets where you can sell your products aggressively and also are cost effective. What you need to do is to create a webpage and post regular updates on them to attract more and more customers. Offers, new products, product combos offered should be highlighted to grab the attention of the viewers. There should be links available on the page to further visit your website for more details for the visitor.

  1. Influencers

Influencers are the latest trend for any industry to sell their products online. Using celebrities to endorse your products is in vogue. Uploading videos, having television advertisements, posting picture of the celebrities using and applying your products creates a huge impact on the audience and it definitely influences their purchase. Posting videos showing reviews about the new product launches on You Tube and other mediums is a very successful attention grabber.

  1. Run contests on social media

Running a contest is a very simple and subtle way to promote your product without actually advertising it. Running contests on social media platforms will drive audience attention towards your product. To get maximum benefits you need to keep the contest simple and fun and offer giveaways to all the participants like free samples of your products. Ultimately this will not only give you attention of the customer but also the customer can become a repeat customer as he will be using the free sample won in the contest. A good  Example of one such contest campaign: Dove, a a  popular soap brand recently started a “Real beauty should be shared” contest on Facebook. It was a fill-in-the-blank contest wherein users had to tell why their friends represent real beauty by filling in their friend’s name and things that make them a real beauty. The entrants got a chance of becoming the face of Dove which was to be printed on the Dove Soap case as a prize of the contest  This was a brilliant branding campaign where Dove not only got a genuine face for marketing but also brought huge attention towards its product

  1. Promote products on social media community

Joining social media groups/communities relevant to your niche can also serve as a good way to spread awareness about your product. Your product promotion efforts in social media groups will implicitly bring better results since members are already interested in a similar product. Posting blogs, regular videos on the web page will keep your customers connected. But using this option one needs to be careful that the reviews, comments, concerns of the visitors are attended well else the whole concept will be a waste of effort. While providing the replies it is necessary that you need to be transparent and clear in your communication in order to build the trust of the customer.

  1. Beauty tutorials

This is the latest trend which has proven to be one of the biggest factors in the increase in sale of beauty products. Female followers are found to be liking these tutorials a lot as it helps them to know the exact way to use the products. Hence you need to take the best advantage of this option. Regular video uploads on social media platforms grabs lot of attention of the viewers. In the tutorials you can use well known beauticians applying your products to a female and later once the work is complete Before and After pics to be shown as to prove how effective the product is.

  1. Mobile friendly

Mobile applications, blogs, videos, pictures all should be easily accessible on the mobile phones. It is a proven fact now that people are found surfing, shopping on mobile phones more than any other electronic devices. Mobile applications should be designed in a way that the customers are easily able to view the product, its details and order them. Payment options and refund options should be in line with the competitors to sustain and provide customer satisfaction.

  1.  Email marketing

Everyone likes personalised approach as they feel their importance. Since the customer registers himself while downloading mobile applications of your company you are already having his email ids. It can be utilised to contact the customer in future to notify him for new product launch, discount schemes running on etc. Wishing on birthdays, anniversaries will also give a personalised approach and make the customer feel his importance. Another good method to bind the customer for a longer period is to provide special discount or free gift on birthdays and anniversaries.

  1. Promote your best content

Promote your best product and high light the same in all your advertising and marketing campaigns. This will drive the attention of the buyers and help you sell the same more. Related videos of influencers and tutorials will make an addition to grab the attention of the masses. This is necessary as all the products of the Company may not be selling good and focusing on the best one definitely helps to improve sales.

  1. Dedicated customer service

No industry can survive without a good customer service department. Currently Chatbots are gaining lot of attention and almost all the industries who are into digital marketing are utilizing this option. As soon as a visitor visits on the website the Chatbots starts the conversation with the visitor and guides him through the surfing and in case he is not able to resolve the problem he guides the visitor to call the customer care number. Hence the customer does not have to wait for his concerns to get answered and gets immediate resolution.

Keeping in mind above points, the fast developing industry will surely reach new heights, you just need to monitor which out of above tips work best for you or a mix of them. A dedicated team of employees needs to be employed who will be incharge of the job who will be responsible to report to the top management. Marketing is a continuous process which needs up gradation as per changing trends and the choice of the customers.

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