Who is Travel Blogger

Who is Travel Blogger


Who is a Travel Blogger

A person who wants to become a travel blogger obviously should be the one who loves to travel and explore new places. He is the one who wanders round the different places and collect information about the place in order to guide the people or you can say the audience who will be reading his blogs. He earns income through the mediums of offline and online sources. Many people are found taking an year off leave from their jobs writing down their experiences and again re-joining their jobs

What is a professional Travel Blogger:

As such any one can start a blog and become a Travel Blogger; but standing out in the crowd is what that matters. However a person who earns most of his income from blogging can be termed as a professional travel blogger. There is one simple rule which needs to be followed to become a successful Blogger,” Readers come first, money comes later”. Hence instead of asking a travel blogger how he makes money, the question to be asked is,” How do you build the audience’.

Points to be considered to become a Travel Blogger:

  1. Pick a blogs name
  2. Set up your blog
  3. Write regularly and well in order to attract and sustain the audience
  4. Pick up the most popular social media platform
  5. Make up a mailing list
  6. Content should be enough to satisfy the Reader

How to get the traffic to your travel blog

  1. One has to learn some good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques
  2. Become a member of blogger community
  3. Do thorough research about the content of the blog
  4. What points are to be covered in the blog
  5. Research to make your blog different then others in order to attract maximum audience.

Do’s and Don’t’s of Travel Blogging:

‘Well begun is half done’. 

A good blog post starts with qualitative and attractive content. A must to attract readers and to sustain them. Blogger needs to research well to find out what kind of content the readers would like to read on the travel blog.

Travel Blog Do’s

  • Focus on key words
  • Apply a professional approach
  • Get a domain of your own name and get a decent and attractive website designed
  • Do not go by others success and try to follow their, he needs to create his own trend and style
  • Relevant and attractive titles
  • Most important information to be highlighted and to be mentioned on the first page
  • Internal links to be create to lead to the readers to other relevant websites
  • Navigation to be made easy
  • Social share buttons to be enabled on the website
  • Analyse the statistics and work to improve SEO

Travel blog Dont’s

  • Repetition to be avoided of the same pattern and keywords
  • Don’t overuse keywords
  • Internal links should not be to low quality websites
  • Images to be compressed to smaller sizes and images
  • Exact copy paste from other websites not to be done
  • Information having no relevance to the post should not be mentioned
  • Never try to  mislead the Readers

Hence jumping into travel blogging without proper planning is an investment of time and perhaps money. Without investment one does not get rewards.

Things might be challenging initially but with consistent efforts and proper planning and structure formation success can be achieved.

[av_dropcap1]A[/av_dropcap1]ll the best and happy travel blogging..

Benefits of Video Marketing

Benefits of Video Marketing


Benefits of Video Marketing

In today’s world Video Marketing is nothing new, rather it is in trend currently with the increased use of social media in the digital marketing world. In fact the year 2016 has been called the year of video. In this article we will go through the benefits of  video marketing and how it helps in expanding the business opportunities.

  • How videos can help built up your Business ;

Video marketing is capable to accomplish all the benefits of traditional marketing. The best way to encash the anxiety of humans is through the videos as we as humans have a tendency to watch images and videos no matter whether it shows a funny video of cats or dogs or a business promoting its key feature. Hence a good video will definitely give desired results and publicity

  • Increases Brand awareness;

It helps to increase the customer base as it helps people to know about your brand, business and products. With videos, you can quickly convey your key features and increase the exposure to potential customer by offering entertaining and attractive videos with a good message. This shall leave a mark in peoples mind

  • Increases online presence

In today’s world of social media, videos definitely plays a vital role in attracting  customers. Biggest example is You tube which is one of the largest Search Engine.

Benefits of Video Marketing

The more the people find you in the various social media options the more chances to get the buying customers. A good video shall explain all the key features  of the product in way that all the concerns of the customers are answered in the video itself. Like for example the online purchase website of clothes now a days have a video covering all the points of the product like the size fabric etc. Videos having advertisement on you tube Facebook and Instagram are the best example as the people are busy watching a post or a video and an attractive add will definitely compel the customer to view the whole advertisement video. More than links. Images or plain text video has the better chance of getting shared and get more and more followers.

Build trust

Marketing is all about building the trust of its potential customers. Customer feels that the marketer understands the concerns and choice of its customers. In today’s busy world no one has the time to personally meet each and every customer personally to build the trust. Hence the customer sentiment can be captured in the best possible way in a good quality content video.

Benefits of video marketing :

Earlier it was not possible for small businesses were not able to utilise this medium due to higher cost. But now due to smart phones and other facilities of media marketing coming in all the categories of businessmen can opt for this option.

Below are some of the major benefits:

Improves search engine rankings

Videos helps to increase your Search Engine rankings. This increases customer engagement and conversation. Google searches for particular key words on the Search Engine and if the search is accompanied by a video they understand that the link searched for is providing the relevant information for its user

Enhance your mobile marketing

Mobiles today are one of the most important medium for accessing information online. With advancement in technology video is not fit for mobile marketing

Video content on the mobile can be viewed on full screen hence the viewer gets full experience. Even if the viewer is not fully engaged in your video on a desktop laptop or mobile still the audio will be delivering the message

Conveys information more effectively

When you’re trying to find out more about a product or service, you want the details quickly, in an easy-to-process presentation. Video is an excellent way to communicate with your potential customers. In just a few seconds, you can grab their attention, explain what your business is about and why they should buy. Can you do that it in writing? Sure, but you can do it faster and more memorably in a quick video covering all details

Good return on investment

With the development in the technology videos are no longer considered to be a thing where huge budgets are needed. One can make a decent video with a little planning and strategy using a smart phone. Customers are not expecting a block buster film from this small video but yes if it has good content it definitely has the potential to leave a mark. Also small clips containing all details are enough now a days to pull the customers and hence huge budgets are no longer required

Hence to summarise the above points video marketing is a very good medium if utilised properly. Keeping in mind the customers need and the trend going on in the market. People will definitely give u an eye if a small video catches his attention in the very first video published.

Hence – First Impression is the last Impression works.

What is Content Writing

What is Content Writing

What is Content Writing

Content writing is focused on content that informs, educates and entertains readers. they are familiar with online marketing tactics and and create contents for many channels like websites, blogs, videos, social media and emails.

It basically means writing the content with such keywords which are ranked higher on the related key words search on the SEO. We use keywords while doing google hence our content should be having such keywords so that our web page is highlighted in the search engine list.

SEO the very basis in digital marketing begins and ends with content writing. No Search Engine Optimisation is now a days complete without a solid content strategy. Now the question arises…..

Below mentioned details needs to be kept in mind while targeting content writing:

  1. What is content writing?
  2. What type of content can we publish on your blog or website?
  3. Decide upon the long term content strategy

Content Writing Pointers

Merely pushing the content will not give desired results. In order to write effective content we need take care of the below mentioned points:

  1. The main key word needs to appear on the title of the blog post or web page in content writing
  2. The same key word should be used in a scattered way as part of the whole of the content writing of your blog post or web page.
  3. One also needs to use alternative phrases, what they call as LSI keywords. LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing which are the related keywords to our main keywords. If you feel that there is over use of the main key words then we can use the LSI keywords instead to avoid repetition of the same keywords.
  4. Keywords should be used including LSI keywords within the (h1), (h2) and (h3) tag to put more emphasis on them.
  5. You need to be careful while using keywords including LSI keywords as ANCHOR TEXT (it is a clickable text in a hyperlink). SEO best practices involve that anchor text be relevant to the page you are linking to. It should not be a generic text.

Other than this the fundamental aspect of the content writing must always be its quality, its relevance to the topic of the post and the value addition it delivers to its users. In the absence of good quality content writing the very hope of getting good search engine rankings is not achieved.


Content Writing with SEO

As we have understood now that SEO is all about content writing….some key pointers to be kept in mind:

  1. SEO needs strategic use of keywords and search terms: There is a lot of advancement in technology in ranking the web pages and blogs…according to their true value. But still the keywords in the content plays a vital role. The best way to get the right keywords is strategic content writing.
  2. Social validation a need of the hour: With the increase usage of social validation many blog posts rank well due to social validation in spite that the content is not upto the mark. But this may not always be possible. For small business the only way one can get social validation is by quality content writing.
  3. Google search: In order to rank your website and individual links google needs content. If we don’t have good content then what will google rank. Hence here comes the importance of content writing.
  4. Search Task Accomplishment: This is a new emerging trend in the digital marketing world. Does your content solve the surfers need. A user should be able to find exactly what he is looking for in the content of your blog post. Google uses the algorithm technique to find whether the people are getting exactly what they  are looking for. If yes your ranking will increase if not then thee will be a downfall.


Finally without great content, one can never hope to enjoy good search engine rankings. Hence the importance of content writing in SEO cannot be denied if one has to survive in this fast developing digital marketing world.

Six Sigma In Digital Marketing

Six Sigma In Digital Marketing

Lean Six Sigma in Digital Marketing

Now a days apart from the traditional methods of marketing of television, newspapers, advertisement hoardings etc ; digital marketing is now the talk of the  importance and more and more people are found using the medium for marketing their products. However it requires lot of skills including web designing, search Engine optimisation, content creation and data analysis.

DMAIC is one of the principle techniques in Six Sigma. It is data driven strategy to improve the marketing process without hindrances. The word DMAIC is an Acronym used for the five connected phases as DEFINE, MEASURE, ANALYSE, IMPROVE AND CONTROL. Same can be summarised as below:

  • Define– Identifying the problems and finding out concrete solutions to resolve the problems
  • Measure– Collecting the current data base as to find where currently the Company is standing in terms of the Companies into digital marketing.
  • Analyze Analysing the current database and figuring out what are the in demand things and what are getting maximum clicks on social media and what is the latest trend in the digital market.
  • Improve– On after analysing the database finding out the a process which leads to improvement in the selected areas. Ensuring that no wastes created during the process and that only effective processes are put into C
  • Control– Setting controlling guidelines and ways and means to get the set Goals most effective and their sustainability

Hence Six Sigma is a unique method to understand the need of the customer and is a comprehensive and flexible system for achieving the desired results, sustaining them and in turn maximising the business results

Then the next question arises is what is the meaning of LEAN SIX SIGMA: It is a set of tools and methods used to minimise the waste and maximising the results in the process of implementation of SIX SIGMA tool DMAIC.

People having proficiency in this method are given BELTS of different colors or you can say levels which signifies experience based on the managerial abilities of the person in dealing with the process of SIX SIGMA.

Benefits of Six Sigma in Digital Marketing :

  • Time management efficiency:  Six sigma tools above help the managers to improve the working of the Company and process the work flow without interruptions. Time saved by applying these techniques may be invested in improving the other areas of the Company which in turn will improve the overall business efficiency.
  • Reduced cycle time:  With six sigma tools in implementation there minimal chances of break down in the Company’s work flow. Company is able to meet its targets well in time and deadlines to me as targeted. If the DMAIC methodology is used effectively and actively by the managers and each employee are held responsible for their duties and responsibilities, all the loop holes are identified well in advance and corrective measures are taken then the work cycle time can be reduced by 35%. This ensures timely deliveries and optimum results.
  • Supply Chain Management: Managing the supply chain is a crucial step in an organisation. Any problems here will directly affect the Company’s end result. Six Sigma tool like DMAIC can assist the Managers to improve efficiency by cutting down the number of suppliers that the company is dependant on which in turn becomes cost effective and results into lesser defects in the work process flow.
  • Customer satisfaction : Every company intends to make its customers happy which the key factor in the current competitive world of marketing. Six sigma helps to analyse a customer’s perspective on its product and measure the satisfaction levels and also to figure the dissatisfied areas. The chances of dissatisfaction are reduced to a considerable extent. If the expectation of the customers are met then it will result into customer’s loyalty and also in turn invite new customers

Hence to summarise in the end SIX Sigma works in improving continuous quality management, customer satisfaction, reduced Company cost. Companies are benefiting from its implementation and hence Six Sigma is getting implemented in more and more companies and professionals like Black Belts are getting recruited to make the implementation process effective.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Our world population is around 7.7 Billion and out of them 2.77 Billion are using internet. Digital marketing currently is getting a lot of hype due in the recent times due to increase usage of social media. People are using this platform for marketing/advertising their business.

This can also be referred to as ‘online marketing’, internet marketing or web marketing. In simpler terms, any form of marketing that is done online is termed as Digital Marketing.

It mainly involves the steps like Research, Plan and strategy, implement, measure and audit and Optimise.


Main benefits of digital marketing can be summarised

  1. It helps your business to have a global reach.
  2. It is cheaper in comparison to our tradition marketing mediums
  3. It helps to promote in a personalised manner.
  4. It helps to reach the masses due to increase in usage of social media
  5. The business can be measured the reach of the people and make changes accordingly in their strategies.
  6. It is available 24/7. Hence increased convenience to its customers

Digital marketing is an easy way to tell your Company’s and brand’s story to the masses. Social media, most popular among them is Facebook,Instagram, Whats app twitter etc, emails and websites give the companies the ability to reach consumers directly.

Digital marketing increases sales as it gives a personalised touch to the customers and it gives all the information regarding the product to the consumers in their hand. It becomes easier for the consumer to know the details of the product and get the answers to their concerns very promptly. Biggest example of this is AMAZON, FLIPKART etc; these have created a storm in the digital world and have set new benchmarks in the field of marketing and sales.

DIGITAL MARKETING SUCCESS….around 83% of the businesses believe that that their marketing is able to reach the desired goals.

Traditional marketing are no longer found to be effective as the customers are not found searching in newspapers, or advertisement boards; rather they are found starring their smart phones.

Disadvantages can be summarised as below

  • Dependability on technology
  • It may face security and privacy issues
  • Maintenance cost and continuous up gradation needed to survive in the increasing competition
  • Companies have to face worldwide competition due to globalisation
  • Promotional strategy can be copied by the rival.
  • Pictures and images can be misused to mislead the customers
  • Requires more initial investment hence turns out to be expensive for small enterprise owners

Hence before getting into the digital world, one must research well about the pros and cons of the digital marketing world. One has to plan with lot of diligence as once the same is proposed in the market one has to continue with the same to meet the expectations of the customers. If you succeed in doing the same you will win else will be soon thrown out of the lot due in continuous development in technology and increased competition

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